Eoulsan 2 is under development, you can download preview releases on Eoulsan 2 website.

Welcome to Eoulsan

We developed Eoulsan, a versatile framework based on the Hadoop implementation of the MapReduce algorithm, dedicated to high throughput sequencing data analysis on distributed computers. With Eoulsan, users can easily set up a cloud computing cluster and automate the analysis of several samples at once using various software solutions available. Working either on standalone workstations or cloud computing clusters, Eoulsan provides an integrated and flexible solution for RNA-Seq data analysis of differential expression.

RNA-Seq analysis

Eoulsan contains out the box a fully customizable RNA-Seq pipeline that generate many reports about the performed analysis. The following images are samples of the graphics generated by the normalization and differential analysis steps:

Object model

Eoulsan contains also a java object model that can be used outside the Eoulsan workflow engine to handle and manipulate NGS data. See the Eoulsan developer wiki for more informations about this part of the project.

What's new in Eoulsan 1.2.2?

The main new features in this version of Eoulsan are:

  • Paired-end data is now fully supported
  • Bowtie 2 has been added as mapper in the mapping step
  • HTSeq-count can now be used for expression counting
  • Normalization and differential analysis now use DESeq 1.8.3
  • An external RServe server can be used to perform normalization and differential analysis
  • And many other enhancements, see the full changelog for more information


Eoulsan is distributed under the Lesser General Public Licence and CeCill-C.


This work was supported by the Infrastructures en Biologie Santé et Agronomie (IBiSA) and Amazon Web Services research grant.


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